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Designed, created, and tested by the artist inventor himself, Steve Brice tools are carefully created for less vibration, and maximum efficiency to ensure you can keep creating magic in ice for years to come. See our tool boutique to complete your tool arsenal. Or contact us for special orders or request.

Our ice sculptures have superior levels of refinement, and we push the boundaries when it comes to what can be created in ice.

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Hire us for your unique ice sculpture projects. We create ice sculptures for events such as commercials, Movie sets, and Special exhibits. Come see our year round gallery at chena Hot Springs Resort, The Aurora Ice Museum. 

Come see our year round gallery at Chena Hot Springs Resort, the Aurora Ice Museum.



Steve is a national Ice Carving Association Certified Master Carver, 17 time world Champion Winner. Heather is a 9 time world Champion Winner. They have competed World wide, including the 2006 Turino winter olympics, and Steve in nagano and Salt Lake City Olympics. they designed and maintain the Aurora Ice Museum at Chena Hot Springs Resort, Alaska. 

Brice & Brice Ice Sculptures

2013 Ice Art events

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2010 Ice Art


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'Chainsaw Ice Carvers-Challenge Alaska'

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