Brice And Brice Ice Sculpting, founded by Steve and Heather, has been in business since 2003. However their experience dates back to 1990.


Ice Addict

Heather grew up in Fairbanks from the age of seven, and has a BFA from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She studied sculpture under Wendy Croskrey. In the late 1998, at a friends' suggestion, Heather called Steve to assist her and try ice as a medium

Steve let her carve the Madona hands on a piece at the local catholic school and she was hooked, she called Steve persistently to ask to be on his four man team at the world championships in Fairbanks that year (1999). Their team won the 'feast of plenty' and she was officially called an 'ice addict.

In 2003, Heather and Steve founded Brice & Brice ice sculptures.

Heather is a nine time world champion, and has competed or carved ice in Alaska, Canada, Ohio, Georgia, Illinois, Texas, Austria, Germany, and Italy. Heather is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters, one of which, (Madi) has delved into ice sculpting with her on occasion, and a wonderful step son.


Self Taught Sculptor

Steve was born in Fairbanks, but raised in Clarksville, Georgia. Steve is a self-taught sculptor, originally working in Plasticise for bronze, wood, and stone.

Steve was asked to help with ice at Ice Alaska in 1990, and became serious with ice sculpting in 1996. Steve is also a self-taught machinist, creating or modifying hundreds of tools for ice sculpting. Steve's team created a piece at the 1996 world championships, 'The Joust', which drew the attention of Chena Hot Springs Resort owner Bernie Karl.


Carving, Teaching & Championships

Bernie asked Steve to design an ice museum in 2003, which Steve and Heather created, along with an original crew. The original structure melted with the spring weather in 2004, and was rebuilt into the current Aurora Ice Museum in late 2004-2005.

Steve and Heather maintain and instruct occasional ice carving classes in this current structure to this day, 60 miles from their home in Fairbanks.

Steve is an N.I.C.A. certified master ice sculptor and a 17 time world champion. He has competed in three Olympic ice events, Nagano Japan, Salt Lake City Utah, Turin Italy, and has carved and taught ice sculpting in cities around the world.